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   Beijing WELION New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(WELION New Energy for short), found in 2016 and located in Fangshan District, Beijing, is the solid state battery production and incubation center of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company’s main business is solid state lithium-ion batteries and covers R&D, production, market, sales, etc. Meanwhile, WELION New Energy belonging to the national high-tech enterprise has over 40 years of solid state battery industry research experience and holds multiple times "first break " in solid state lithium battery industry field.

   The company cofounded by Liquan Chen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Hong Li, a fellow of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Huigen Yu, a former chief engineer of BAIC New Energy, attracts a large number of high-tech talents coming from battery materials, battery cells and systems fields, etc. WELION New Energy has about 1,100 employees with R&D team accounting for 32% ( 20 PhDs and 200 Masters).

   WELION New Energy owns perfect industrial chain layout and capacity planning and has established four major production bases: Fangshan District Beijing, Liyang City Jiangsu, Huzhou City Zhejiang and Zibo City Shandong. To meet customer demand of the primary condition, these four major production sites can effectively provide capacity assurance and develop optimal production line planning which bring the company a promising future. Company product application fields cover widely new energy vehicles, energy storage, consumer electronics and military industries (in-depth development of the first two parts).

Company Culture
Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision:To be a global pioneer in solid battery industry.

Enterprise Mission:Green energy for all.

Enterprise Core Values:Original Innovation、Deep Thinking、

Embrace all Possibilities 、Extreme Execution.

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