• 1977

    Liquan Chen made his first foray into solid-state battery research.

  • 1980

  • 1989

    China's first all-solid-state lithium battery was developed by Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of sciences.

  • 2016

    Beijing WELION New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded.

  • 2017

    Nominated as the sole solid-state battery industrialization platform of Renewable Energy Laboratory of Institute of Physics, CAS.

  • 2018

    Received the prize of "New and High Technology Enterprise";

    300Wh/kg solid-state  power battery system passed acceptance inspection by strategic pilot science and technology project of CAS.

  • 2019

    Nominated as an enterprise postdoctoral research station;

    World's first company to launch the 270Wh/kg(3-5C) for drone solid-state battery product.

  • 2020

    Liyang Base in Jiangsu was commissioned;

    First proposed the notion of intrinsic safety of  lithium battery and participated in the drafting of relevant national standards;

    Four cells won the first place in the "Extreme Challenge Category," all of which 

  • 2021

    Reached strategic cooperation with NIO and  jointly issued 1000 km range solid-state battery;
    Established a joint venture with SEMCORP to jointly develop ion conductor membrane products;
    Signed strategic cooperation agreements with Ronbay Technology and Easpring;
    Established a energy storage  joint venture with HyperStrong and GENNAR;
    Beijing Development and Reform Commission officially approved WeLion to set up advanced solid-state battery engineering research center.

  • 2022

    Huzhou Base in Zhejiang was commissioned;

    Awarded specialized and sophisticated enterprises as "Little Giants" 

    Leading a NEV special project from Ministry of Science and Technology;

    Established a joint venture with Tianqi Lithium and ORG separately;

  • 2023

    Zibo Base in Shandong was commissioned;

    360Wh/kg solid-state battery was formally delivered to NIO;

    Slurry subsidiary was founded in Shaoxing Binhai New Area;

    Established a joint venture with Levima ;

    Officially become a member unit of the National Ne